Friday, September 4, 2009

Tennessee DUI News

A new study in Tennessee DUI arrests shows that many times the offenders are being re-arrested for second and third DUIs. Several people being arrested are indeed confirmed alcoholics and require some type of sufficient treatment that the state does not issue like with other crimes. One woman was arrested 13 times before she got help from the state to enroll in a treatment program.
In these special cases, devices such as ignition interlocks and breathalyzers are crucial to stop multiple offenders. The device is attached to the car starter and requires the driver to pass a blood alcohol level test in order for the car to start. These devices are very helpful in the crackdown on DUI arrests and are available in many locations.
What courts will not tell you is that it is a privilege to install these devices in your car and you must have a drivers license to drive, which may have also been taken away. If you call a Tennessee DUI lawyer, you have a much better chance of fighting your second or third DUI case and may leave the case with only minor consequences. Call an DUI attorney in your area to see what they can do for you.

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